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Headless Jester

Headless Jester is a side project that I have recently become involved in. Our clothing and gifts are the perfect way to show your personality and make a statement. Whether you're looking for something funny, cool, or just plain different, our shirts will let you express yourself in style. With designs as diverse as its owners, our shirts are sure to appeal to anyone and everyone. So browse our selection and find the perfect shirt for you!


So, why did we start Headless Jester?

What do three friends do when they are bored one day?


They decide to start a clothing line. Obviously!

Headless Jester consists of Alex the Tattooist, Damo the tech nerd and all round big brain and David the Illustrator. For years we have owned, worked at or frequented a tattoo studio, just outside Doncaster called PurpleTurtle.

For many years Alex and Dave had tried to release a range of Purple Turtle T-shirts, to help promote the shop but also for the many customers that simply wanted to wear the shop logo on a shirt or hoodie. However, it had been always a battle with printers and so after a dozen failed attempts, the idea was mothballed. Enter Damo - stage left! ( And much coffee drinking and debate ensued)

This was when it started to get interesting. Damo's experience in and around the internet helped 'join the dots' and introduced us to new avenues and outlets, that for the first time could allow us to release, not only the Turtle line but all the endless designs we'd accumulated over the years. So, with the immortal words of Ferris Bueller ringing in our ears, we decided to seize the day and go for it!

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